Massage Therapy Testimonials

Friendly Massage Therapist

"Sally has helped heal my extremely painful shoulder; is able to ease the complications and pains of fibromyalgia and arthritis, and keeps me 'up and running.' She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and upbeat - someone you'd want for a friend as well as a massage therapist!"

Jane - Westerville, Ohio

Experience Rejuvinating Massages

"I first went to Sally in the winter of 2004 when I was pregnant with my first child. I had been experiencing severe lower back pain due to my pregnancy. She listened to me very intently when asking me about my back. I was impressed with her awareness of the human body and her approach to helping me. From my first session I found relief. Sally is very knowledgeable, professional, respectful and attentive. She truly cares about her clients. I have never had a massage therapist listen to me as much and really try to help troubleshoot any type of discomfort or ailment I might be experiencing. I look forward to our sessions and go home feeling rejuvenated."

M. M. - Columbus, Ohio

Accident Recovery Massages

"I started using Sally Keener’s services about two years ago when I separated my shoulder in an accident. I had no range of motion with my left arm, until I started getting "trigger point" massage with Sally. Not only did I get my range of motion completely back, but I now enjoy her services on a weekly basis to relieve the knots in that same shoulder. I highly recommend Sally’s services. She knows exactly what you need to cure what ails you."

Annie - Clintonville, Ohio

Massage For Fibromyalgia

"Hello, my name is Lisa. In most ways, I’m your typical active 40-something. I spend my days balancing work-life, home-life, church, marriage, and friendships. I’m also SLOWLY working my way towards a college business degree. I’m a first born overachiever with a Type-A personality!

20 years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic muscle disorder referred to as fibromyalgia. And to complicate matters, my car was rear-ended 2X in 2003. I live with constant pain. As there is no cure and I tend to react adversely to medications, I made the decision to deal with my disorder through natural means: proper diet, gentle exercise, and MASSAGE THERAPY.

I’ve been a client of Sally’s since March of 2006. My bi-weekly sessions with her make ALL the difference. Sally’s education, experience, and familiarity with my disorder make her an IDEAL therapist.

On my first visit, we talked in depth about my massage therapy needs and what I hoped to get out of my sessions. She listened carefully and followed through. On each subsequent session, she always takes the time to discuss beforehand what areas need the most focus. Of course once I’m on her VERY COMFORTABLE table, her fingers find other areas of tension of which I was not aware! Sally also keeps in mind the fact that due to my fibromyalgia, there is a fine line between working out the trouble spots without causing additional pain. She truly has a gift!"

Lisa - Dublin, Ohio

More On Fibromyalgia Massages

"I’ve been seeing Sally since November 2005. Thanks to her knowledge and expertise, I have found that the pain occurring from fibromyalgia has and is continuing to decrease. I have stopped going to the chiropractor for my migraines and the extreme tightness in my neck and shoulders.

After each of my massage sessions in Sally’s capable hands, I feel as if I have been transformed into a new woman.

Thanks to my weekly sessions and Sally’s ability to understand fibromyalgia I am doing more with less pain than I was ten years ago. I will be forever grateful to her for my new outlook on life."

Kathi - Powell, Ohio

Professional Massage Therapist With Personality

"I’m keen on Sally. You ask why? Let me tell you…she works it out. Even if it takes wedging her elbow in your butt, she gets it done! In 2005, I made my first appointment with Sally and I’ve been with her ever since. She keeps me coming back. Don’t let her petite frame fool you; she’s got some power house hands. She uses a variety of techniques, including the use of her elbow when required! She offers any number of massage alternatives, from light massage to deep pressure, including trigger point relief application. She can find, and root out, a source of tension anywhere it may be in your body, even your inner thighs! She is interactive with her clients to understand your needs to find out what’s going on with you. And from there, she prioritizes your time with her to best meet your needs during the appointment. She’s professional through and through. I recommend her to my family and friends and you will too!"

Crystal - Columbus, Ohio


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