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Columbus Massage Therapy

 Welcome to Sally Keener’s Massage Therapy. With more than ten years experience in various massage therapy techniques, I can help you. I have the knowledge, skill, and experience to help you meet your goals of feeling better, whether that’s more pain free, more relaxed, or more energized. My clientele are from the Greater Columbus Ohio Area including Upper Arlington, Dublin, Westerville, New Albany, Gahanna, Delaware, Lewis Center, Powell, Hilliard, Grandview, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Bexley and Clintonville. My office on Old Henderson Road is convenient via Route 315, Riverside Drive, or 270 and Sawmill Road. Click here for Hours and Rates. 

 My attention to your well being should be obvious to you from your very first visit and our discussion of your needs and expectations will continue with each session. You may choose to come for just one session for a specific need, but most of my clients have enjoyed the benefits that consistent, regular appointments provide keeping them more pain free, relaxed, and energized. Massage therapy is anti-aging in so many ways that regular massage sessions sustain that sense of well being and acts as preventative medicine. 


More Than Swedish Massages

  Whether you’re looking for the best Swedish massage you’ve ever had or your needs are more problematic where techniques such as neuromuscular therapy (aka trigger point therapy), 

lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, or foot reflexology would be more appropriate, you’ve found your home for massage therapy! 

 I have focused on and specialized in clients from the Greater Columbus, Ohio area with fibromyalgia since the beginning of my practice in massage therapy. The results are so rewarding for both my clients and me. Learning to live with fibromyalgia while staying as pain free as possible is the goal. Consistent massage therapy can do much to improve the quality of each day when one is living with fibromyalgia. When your pain level is less or alleviated, your energy level rises. Of course, much of the same massage therapy techniques used for fibromyalgia are also effective for chronic fatigue syndrome and related conditions. 

 I have experience and great results in treating migraines and other related headache conditions. When headaches, such as migraines, come from muscle tension, massage therapy can be the answer. I have clients who have suffered with migraines for years, visited many different specialists, and have undergone various diagnostic testing only to find that massage therapy was the answer to alleviating their headaches. 


Cutting Edge Massage Techniques

 Lymphatic drainage is another technique that is receiving more recognition and I find more and more people in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area seeking my services and experience in lymphatic drainage. Look no further, I’m your massage therapist for this technique. (Technically, it’s not considered massage therapy). Lymphatic drainage is used for detoxification, improving immune function (hence less colds, flu, sinus infections, etc.), cellulite reduction, and for the lessening of swelling in certain areas (such as around joints). 

 Neuromuscular therapy (aka trigger point therapy) is one of the most effective tools for eliminating muscle tightness and "knots" in muscles. Did you know that you can have a trigger point in a muscle for years and without the proper techniques to eliminate that trigger point it will never go away. Autopsies have been conducted where trigger points have been identified proving that even death does not get rid of trigger points! Trigger points shorten muscles! A shortened muscle looses its range of motion. This affects the daily lives of all of us here in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area, but it especially influences athletes and their ability to perform. So if you’re a golfer, a swimmer, a ballerina, whatever your endeavor, consider neuromuscular therapy (aka trigger point therapy) to keep you at peak performance. 

 Pregnancy massage is absolutely loved and appreciated by women who have discovered that a pregnancy massage can help them sleep better a night, have less aches and pains by day, and hence more energy to go about daily tasks. A pregnancy massage is not just a luxury (although it is that!), but can be an essential part of a healthy pregnancy. Stress and tensions, both physical and emotional, can be eliminated with pregnancy massage, while circulation and immune function is increased. What better time to nurture the mother than during her pregnancy! 

 If you live in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area, the therapeutic techniques and the stress melting techniques offered here surely could be of help to you in enhancing your well being on an ongoing basis. Please feel free to contact me. You’ll find a warm and friendly voice ready to help you when you call.