About Sally Keener Massage Therapy



I have more than 10 years experience as a bodyworker, both in polarity therapy and massage therapy. I was valedictorian of my massage class and I take everything I do as a massage therapist very seriously. When you come for a massage session with me, I will listen closely to your needs, focus on you, and choose the appropriate techniques from my experience to best help you on that particular day.

I will ask questions and listen closely to what you tell me. Every person is unique in their needs, health history, pain and pain tolerance. Every session is designed or planned according to what you tell me on that particular day. Obviously, your needs can change from session to session, so we will talk about those needs at the beginning of every session.

I believe a good massage therapist educates their clients when appropriate; therefore, I will explain to you what I plan to do or what I am doing and why. That way your experience of healing and wellbeing becomes a team effort between you and me. How much we talk during a session is up to you. Some of my clients like to converse while others prefer complete silence. Most often we will talk at the beginning of a session and then allow you to relax and enjoy the massage for the rest of the session.

I believe in continued education; therefore I attend conferences, classes, workshops, and read whenever possible to keep my massage therapy skills and techniques current. This enables me to offer my clients leading edge techniques that will help alleviate their pain or relieve their current problem. I’ve had additional training in neuromuscular therapy (aka trigger point therapy), lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, and working with the conditions of fibromyalgia, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain, headaches (including migraines), frozen shoulder, and pregnancy massage.

To really relax in a massage session, one has to be comfortable with the surroundings and the massage therapist. Of course, that comfort level develops over time, but I believe the environment must be conducive to relaxation and comfort from the very first session. Pain relief and stress melting is our goal! Your massage therapist should "fit" you! That level of comfort allows your mind and body to relax and ultimately heal.